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About Us

Machine learning has touched almost all the industries and is now on the way to revolutionizing many others. Therefore, there’s a huge demand for talented people who can lead the way. Finding and attracting ML and data science talent has become a strategic imperative for every company. As such, professionals (technical as well as non-technical) interested in machine learning careers are in high demand with companies are grappling to fill these positions.

But there is a lot of hype around the skills needed to break into machine learning. We, on the contrary, however, believe that the barrier to entry in this field is very low. Our goal, at MLNerdie, is to make machine learning accessible to everyone - the tech professionals as well as business professionals.

MLNerdie started out as an independent newsletter in November 2017 to explain machine learning publications in simpler words to the non-academic crowd. In 2018-mid 2019, we decided to expand to webinars, teaching machine learning from scratch and taking beginners step by step towards machine learning. Now we are expanding to whole another level. Know more about our activities for 2020.

At MLNerdie, we hope to build a strong distillable machine learning culture promoting interdisciplinary collaboration. One of our core goals at MLNerdie is to provide a platform to early career researchers and academics to talk about their research to a wider audience and invite industry collaborations for the same.